Tute’s Virtual ESOL School offers programmes of lessons from pre-entry level to entry level 2

Our small group ESOL lessons allow students to benefit from a high level of interaction with their teacher and with one another, an important factor when acquiring speaking and listening skills. Lessons are delivered by suitably qualified specialists and whether starting from scratch or seeking to build in existing skills, Tute’s ESOL Virtual School can fill the gap for your students. 

Explore our Shared ESOL Virtual School timetable below:


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What is the ESOL Virtual School?

The ESOL Virtual School is a set timetable of ESOL lessons, mapped to the adult ESOL curriculum and the Bell Foundation for EAL assessment framework for schools at primary and secondary level. The programmes cover reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills and students can be enrolled to lessons within 48hrs.

What Key Stages and subjects does it cover?

The ESOL Virtual School starts at pre-entry level and offers a route of progression to entry level 1 and on to entry level 2. Lessons are available to students of primary and secondary ages.

Which students does it suit?  How best is it used?

The ESOL Virtual School is suited to UASC and EAL students. Students may be starting from scratch with basic language acquisition or building on their language skills to enable better access to the British National Curriculum and life beyond. The ESOL Virtual School can be used as an interim measure whilst waiting for places in local provision to become available or to provide ongoing support to students whilst they are in school.

How does it work?

Students can join our shared ESOL Virtual School timetable, at any point during a half term. Choose from programmes of 2 or 4 lessons per week at any available level and your student/s will receive login details within 48hrs of us receiving your completed booking form.

How is student progress tracked? 

Progress and attainment are measured against the learning objectives set by Tute and are recorded for each student after each lesson in your Progress Tracker made available to you weekly.

How much does it cost?

ESOL Virtual School: £15 per student, per lesson.

Is there a shared and private option? 

Tute’s Virtual ESOL School is available as a shared option only which means that Tute determines the content, the timetable and your student/s will join others referred by other establishments. If you require private ESOL provision, please enquire about this and we will be happy to help.

What's included?

Qualified, DBS checked-teachers

Playback of all lessons

Scheme of learning that can be aligned with class teaching

Progress tracker following every lesson

Data dashboard

Half-termly review

Admin support

IT support

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