Quality assured by the DfE, Tute is your trusted online teaching partner

Tute for Students

Students, you are at the core of everything we do here at Tute!

We believe that online learning can help you to achieve your potential, and we’ll support you to do just that! 

You’re probably here because the people responsible for providing you with education think that you would benefit from Tute lessons and you now have a timetable with us. To know more about how everything works, take a look below and if there’s anything you need, get in touch!    

How will I join my live lessons?

You simply log in from the home page using the username and password you have been given.

Once in the platform, click on Timetable then your lesson and it wil take you stright to the Learning Cloud (Tute’s online classroom) where your teacher will be waiting. It’s that easy!

You can find more help here and if you have any problems with logging in, contact us as info@tute.com.

Do I have to do homework?

This will depend on what you are studying with us. Your teacher will tell you if there is any work set to be completed outside of your live lesson. We use Tute Spaces to provide access to additional materials to complement your studies.

What will I gain from lessons?

Lots! As well as supporting you with your learning, our Tute teachers are experts in building your confidence, enabling you to flourish and fulfil your potential.

What do I do if I am not enjoying my lessons?

We care a lot about what our students think and will always listen to what you have to say. If you are having any concerns about lessons, do tell your Tute teacher or the person who organised the lessons for you.

We ask for your feedback at regular intervals throughout the year, so you will have lots of opportunities to share your experience.

How will I interact with my teacher?

Lessons happen in our Learning Cloud – it's a great place to learn. It is an inclusive, safe and interactive environment where your learning is the priority. All our teachers are qualified and passionate. They plan interesting lessons based on what you do in school. They will encourage you, and others in the class, to take part in the lesson by speaking or using the chat box or through a number of other Learning Cloud features, such as: polling, annotation tools and emojis.

You will be able to see your teacher, but they won’t see you. They’ll be be ready to greet you as you join and do feel free to call them by their first name.

We have high expectations of all our students and ask that you try your best in every lesson.