Tute for Schools

Schools, we can help!

Schools use Tute to provide their students with learning opportunities that may otherwise not be possible. By building a partnership, we can overcome challenges that often prevent students reaching their potential and pursuing their aspirations. 

Small group learning

Our small group online lessons can stand alone or blend with other provision to deliver a high-quality inclusive curriculum, enabling students at all stages and levels of learning a chance to pursue their aspirations.

High quality teaching

Tute’s qualified teachers are improving outcomes for students from KS1-KS5 in over 30 subjects. Their passion for teaching, Tute’s pedagogically driven approach that is designed and refined to work in the online environment and help overcome barriers faced by students, enabling them to thrive.

Accessible and flexible

We have packaged our lessons into a choice of products that provide flexibility, suit different priorities, and work for varying budgets. Schools use one or a combination , depending on their needs. We work together to identify those, to define Tute’s purpose and to track and assess progress against agreed learning objectives

How are schools using Tute?

Schools are using Tute to further refine and extend their curriculum offer. For some, we might be the solution to offering a course that would otherwise not be viable, for others we are delivering targeted intervention to accelerate progress, we are helping to save money by bringing alternative provision in-house and swiftly delivering access to qualified teachers for those in day 6 provision. 

New Pasture Lane
Since 2015 Tute have helped raise self-esteem for the more able mathematicians, across years 1-6, and support learning online. Tute at New Pasture Lane is now considered a 'right of passage' for those pupils willing to work hard enough throughout the year. Some of these children may not be the best mathematicians in school, however they're more than willing to apply themselves the most. Student benefit from increased maths confidence and enjoyment.
Prince Andrew School
Prince Andrew School is the only secondary school on the island of St Helena, a British territory in the Atlantic Ocean.

The school first started using Tute in 2016 because of a lack of specialist teachers on island at that time. Tute provided an opportunity for GCSE, AS and A Level students, through both private and shared provisions, to study a subject that wasn't part of the curriculum or a subject that would have been removed from the curriculum if a mode of teaching wasn't available. They are currently studying psychology, travel and tourism, sociology and law.

Prince Andrew School students have benefited greatly from using Tute, as they have engaged well with their on-line tutors, feel that they are still part of a classroom, have good attendance and overall have achieved a well-deserved grade. We do feel that it is value for money.
Oriel High School
Oriel began using Tute in 2016 and have continued every year since to provide additional support and consolidation within science for a higher and a foundation group. Tute’s purpose is to provide fun, interactive bespoke revision sessions to a number of their students. Students were able to apply knowledge from classroom lessons and solidify learning in preparation for examinations.
Lewis School
Lewis School began using Tute in October 2020.

Lewis School contacted Tute when COVID restrictions prevented 6th form students from travelling between different schools within the consortium for A level teaching. Tute was used to deliver additional support in the absence of face-to-face teaching.

Tute’s solution has been delivered as a weekly online lesson which runs alongside lessons in school, providing additional time for consolidation and catch-up work.

Despite months with no face-to-face teaching, pupil confidence has been increased and almost all pupils are on track to achieve their target grades. Pupils have been able to catch-up on work or spend time on aspects of work they have found challenging.

Arrange a virtual chat or presentation with Kate McCombe, Tute’s Director of Sales

We love telling people about what we do! If you’d like to take a closer look at Tute and learn more about how we could support students in your setting, you can request to arrange a virtual chat with Kate by simply completing this form. 

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