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Tute for parents

Parents, your children are at the core of everything we do here at Tute.

We believe that online learning can help children and young people achieve their potential, and we’ll support them to do just that!

You’re probably here because the people responsible for providing your child/ren with education think that they would benefit from Tute lessons and they now have a timetable with us. You may be here because you’re looking at options for your child because they don’t thrive in mainstream education.

To know more about how everything works, take a look below and if there’s anything you need, get in touch!

We understand that parents know their child’s unique needs and requirements bestOur team of highly qualified and experienced Tute teachers work closely with parents and carers to determine the best teaching and learning support for the individual student.  

Tute’s rich and flexible curriculum is available to key stages 1-5 in over 30 subjects, helping to improve student engagement and progress, confidence and aspirations, whatever your child’s level or ability.  

Whether your child requires bespoke lessons, enrichment, Covid-19 learning support or alternative provisionwe have the solution in our safeguarded online classroom.

Tute has a team of qualified teachers who support students across the UK when they need additional support. Usually, it is the education setting responsible for your child’s education that has organised Tute lessons. Sometimes, parents organise the lessons themselves.  

 Our teachers deliver live lessons in our online classroom, The Learning Cloud 

The reasons vary but, usually, it is because the school, local authority or PRU has recognised that your child needs extra lessons to help them catch up; to enable them to get qualifications like GCSEs; or because they are particularly able in subject and need teaching that pushes them to achieve their potential.  


They simply log in from the home page using the username and password they/you have been given. 

Once in the platform, they click on Timetable then the lesson and it will take them straight to the Learning Cloud (Tute’s online classroom) where the teacher will be waiting. It’s that easy!  

You can find more help here and if there are any problems with logging in, contact us as info@tute.com 


A huge range and they’re all important. 

We don’t like labels but know that they exist and many of students access lessons with us because there is a barrier that prevents them from thriving in traditional education and achieving their potential 

Some have anxiety and mental health difficulties; some have been excluded from school; others have special educational needs and may have an EHCP;  many just lack confidence and need a boost in their learning. All of them matter.  

Absolutely. Many parents choose Tute for their child with great success. We’d be more than happy to talk to you about this and to help you to put the best provision together for your child; just call or email us at info@tute.com 

Lessons happen our Learning Cloud – it’s a great place to learn.  

 It is an inclusive, safe and interactive environment where their learning is the priority.  

 All our teachers are qualified and passionate. They plan interesting lessons based on what children typically learn in school 

 They will encourage your child, and others in the class, to take part in the lesson by speaking or using the chat box or through a number of other Learning Cloud features, such as: polling, annotation tools and emojis.  

They will be able to see your teacher, but the teacher won’t see themThe teacher will always happily greet your child as they join the lesson and can be called by their first name.   

We have high expectations of all our students and ask that you encourage your child to do their best in every lesson. 

 Lots! As well as supporting them with your learning, our Tute teachers are experts in building confidence, enabling young people to flourish and fulfil their potential.  

We care a lot about what our students think and will always listen to what they have to say. If they have concerns, they should their Tute teacher or the person who organised the lessons for. 

We ask for their feedback at regular intervals throughout the year, so they have lots of opportunities to share your experience. 

If you would like to talk someone, the best place to start is with who organised the lessons. If that was you, give us a call and we’ll do our best to help. 

Tute’s virtual lessons are an effective alternative for students with special educational needs and disabilities. 

Tute is also a great option for parents looking to enrich the learning and opportunities available for more able and skilled children. With Tute, your child can benefit from a differentiated learning experience which stretches, challenges and inspires them to succeed. 

Jack, 11, who has Autism and ADHD

His mother explains how her son has benefited from Tute:
"I was recommended Tute, an online learning service which provides live lessons. Tute changed our lives and I cannot thank them enough. In the Tute online classroom, Jack learnt at his own pace. He was not distracted or distressed by other pupils scribbling down answers, and this massively reduced his anxiety towards learning.

Jack could ask questions over the microphone or via the online chat box and he could express how he felt with child friendly emoticons. His engagement and attendance levels rocketed the moment we started Tute rising from 3% attendance to 100%!"