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The Learning Cloud

Tute's virtual environment, the Learning Cloud, is built specifically for teaching and learning

Online interaction is an inherent part of life for children and young peopleusing such technology is second natureAt Tute, we harness this technology to bring high-quality teaching to all students. Using chat, microphone and interactive whiteboard tools, pupils engage with their teacher and peers in real time.  

Our teachers draw on a wealth of practice, experience, featuresand student interaction to create a pedagogically driven approach that is designed and refined to work in the online environment. 

“I feel more confident answering questions instead of being in an actual class because nobody can see or hear me”

This safeguarded space was built by teachers for teachers. 

Pupils access their personalised timetable, join their lessons, view playbacks and collaborate in a learning base where teachers share resources, assessments and feedback.   

Be they enrolled in bespoke Learning Programmes, Tute’s Virtual School or in accredited courses, students simply enjoy their learning. They feel safe and are naturally engaged in an interface that is familiar and relevant. Students enjoy the anonymity that the platform affords them, they report making progress and attest to being confident in their progress; aspects of learning that are not often achieved for everyone in the traditional school setting.  

The collaboration, environment, interactivity, and expertise of our teachers all create an opportunity for students to thrive, to build confidence, and to make progress. 

See it in action below:

What our students tell us they like about the Learning Cloud

Interactive whiteboard

Students can answer questions, show their working, as well as peer-assess

Lesson playback

All lessons are recorded for safeguarding and revision purposes


Answer questions in class quickly and anonymously, if preferred


The teacher is visible on camera, but not students


To help students express themselves in a familiar way

Chat box

Enables students to chat with their peers and their teacher

Breakout rooms

Coming soon! This will allow students to focus on group projects


Teachers and students can share their screen

Recent Learning Cloud updates

Our Learning Cloud has been upgraded with several new features to enhance our students’ learning experience:

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