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Tute Extra enables students to foster a love and respect for learning for its own sake

From enriching curriculum to enabling the development of skills and knowledge beyond core subjects, Tute Extra can fill the gap.


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What is Tute Extra?

After years of teaching students in alternative provision whose timetables often consisted of only core subjects, we wanted to enrich their curriculum and so created Tute Extra as a vehicle for just that: enrichment beyond the usual subject. Tute Extra provides a selection of ready-built programmes covering a wide range of subject areas to enrich curriculum, to develop skills and knowledge beyond core subjects, and to foster in students a love and respect for learning for its own sake.

What Key Stages and subjects does it cover?

KS2 – KS4. Many interesting and important topics are covered such as mental health and wellbeing (built in partnership with Team Mental Health), E-Safety, rainforests, ancient Egypt and more. Our passionate teachers are always building new programmes for our students!

Which students does it suit?  How best is it used?

Tute Extra is used to enable students to explore areas of personal interest, perhaps not normally available to them, and to present topics that are important to their wellbeing. The half-termly programmes provide insights to various topics and offer tasters in subjects to help inform choices for future course options. Tute Extra is a great addition to a school’s PSHE curriculum, particularly in settings where small groups might be difficult to cater for. They have also worked well to enrich the curriculum of students in AP when they need a release from the pressure of core subjects. This is a great option for individual students in small settings who are performing above or below their peers and need the attention of a qualified teacher. It also works well for schools who want to provide groups of 12 with specific revision in one or more subjects before exams. Whilst Tute Go makes creating programmes easier to set up, it is not a one-size-fits all once the lessons begin. Our teachers will ensure that teaching is differentiated and a adpated to meet the needs of the students.

How does it work?

Our shared timetables for each half term are published on our website. Any number of students can be enrolled on a half-termly basis to any of the available programmes. Enrolment usually takes less than 48 hours. The same programmes can be booked privately and timetabled as you wish and can be set up in a matter of days.

How is student progress tracked? 

Progress and engagement are measured against the defined learning objectives and recorded for each student in your Progress Tracker made available to you after each lesson.

How much does it cost?

Places in our shared timetable cost £11.50 per student, per lesson. Private lessons cost £75.00 each for up to 12 students; equivalent to £6.25 per student, per lesson.

Is there a shared and private option? 

Tute Extra is available as both private and shared provision options. Our shared provision timetable is aligned to relevant needs throughout the academic year. If our shared timetable is not compatible with your student’s availability or if you would like to choose your own topics, then Tute Extra can be commissioned privately.

What's included?

Qualified, DBS checked-teachers

Playback of all lessons

Scheme of learning that can be aligned with class teaching

Progress tracker following every lesson

Data dashboard

Half-termly review

Admin support

IT support

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