Tute Courses webinar

Tute Courses...

an outstanding pathway for your students to achieve qualifications!




What is Tute talking about?

Our courses offer a qualification in a choice of 30+ subjects at Level 1 and 2, GCSE, AS and A Level. Tute teachers deliver the specification in one or two years and act as the student’s main, if not only, source of education for that subject.

  • Exam success for different types of students, in different types of settings
  • Outcomes delivered for our LA, school and non-mainstream partners
  • Why students enjoy doing Courses with Tute
  • What Courses and subjects we have available, what’s included, how much they cost and how to get started

Why is Tute talking about it?

We want to create a world where online learning enables any child, anywhere to fulfil their potential.

In this webinar, we will celebrate the success of our students and share their outcomes with you so your establishment can add Tute to your toolkit for future course needs.

We also have a special offer available for you if you choose to book this side of the summer!



Why is this webinar for you?

Is there a course you’d like to offer but can’t? Do your students need a different way of joining courses? Have any of your Yr11s missed most of Yr10? Are there statutory obligations you need help to meet?

Schools, local authorities and non-mainstream settings; this webinar will teach you all you need to know about Tute’s Courses offer and how they can best facilitate the students in your establishment.


Meet #teamtute

We are a team of teachers and education professionals who genuinely care about the outcomes of children and young people; be they a qualification, increased attendance or improved self-esteem. In this webinar you will get to know...

Rob Hughes

Head of Teaching & Learning
When I completed my Biomedical Science degree, I knew the lab life wasn’t for me and the classroom was where it was at! I have always loved learning and entertaining and, since the start of my career as a teacher in 2007, have been able to combine the both, sharing my passion with students and teachers alike. I became a part of #teamTUTE in 2014 and having delivered thousands of lessons in the Learning Cloud, I now lead the teaching and learning team.

I have high expectations for quality and set high standards, ensuring all of our students are included, protected and provided with opportunities to learn, make progress and grow in every Tute lesson.

At the weekends, I love nothing more than to swing my Flying V guitar over my shoulder and sing lead vocals for my disco rock covers band! ⚡

Julie Kelsall

Client Relationship Manager

As a former Head of Languages, I joined Tute in 2019 ready to combine previous experience in teaching, marketing and educational technology.

Previous jobs include being a bilingual PA in London and Marketing Exec for a publishing company. My role as client relationship manager brings together my past experience to make working for Tute great fun.

I love spending time with family and friends and putting the world to rights over a glass of wine.

Kate McCombe

Director of Sales
As a child I hated school so much I’m still astonished I grew up to become a teacher. My teaching career fast-tracked me to school headship in a residential setting for CLA with complex needs then a random job offer took me to China and a brush with the world of business. My heart brought me full circle though and back to improving outcomes for children and young people, something Tute enables me to do daily for those who need it most.

When I’m not working, I throw myself into outdoor pursuits and prove that vegan cooking is a million times tastier than meat eaters think it is.

A fun fact about me is that I used to design and make wedding dresses from scratch.