How can online learning support students with SEND?

The number of students with SEND has risen by 5% in the last year alone. For these young people, a tailored, self-paced learning journey is crucial. However, finding effective tools, strategies, and provision can be a formidable challenge due to their diverse needs.

Join our 30-minute webinar, hosted by Tute’s SEND lead teacher and Assistant Head of T&L. They will be joined by guest panelists from Surrey Online School and a committed parent of a SEN student.

Together, they will delve into their firsthand experiences with online learning, revealing how it has not only helped SEN students progress but also ignited their passion for learning.

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What will we be covering in the webinar?

Join our 30 minute live discussion with Tute and our panellists where we’ll be discussing:

Hosted by...

Liz Rumsey

SEND Lead Teacher at Tute

Dr Sharon Smith

Assistant Head of Teaching and Learning: Outcomes at Tute

Joined by guest panellists...

Sarah Simpson

Programme and Learning Co-ordinator at Surrey Online School

A local authority level resource that meets the AEP needs of over 400 students and delivers over 7,000 online lessons every year

Sarah Chadwick

A parent of one of those 400 SEN students for whom online learning has made a difference

“I wasn’t a fan of physical classrooms. I ended up dropping out of public secondary school in like the beginning of year 8, I think? Then I spent the next 3-4 years not really doing anything until GCSEs came up and my school recommended Tute… I experienced autistic burnout but I didn’t know I was autistic at the time so no one (and myself) had any idea what was going on with me and my mental health just kind of declined super fast…”

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