National Tutoring Programme

Tute has always done what the National Tutoring Programme is designed to provide: high-quality online tutoring to fill gaps in learning

You decide either 1:6 group sizes or 15% extra funding

Virtual Environment

Your students will attend high-quality, live lessons in Tute's purpose-built learning platform

Real Teachers

All our teachers are fully qualified, experienced and passionate about supporting students. They all have DBS and Safeguarding Level 2 training.

Real Outcomes

Your students will engage in targeted leanring programmes , will grow in confidence, and will achieve measurable outcomes

You decide one or both tuition options!

As an award-winning approved National Tutoring Programme Partner, we partner with you to understand your needs.
Select from two tuition options to use the funding.

Tuition Partner

Now accepting up to 6 students per group. NTP pays 70% of your tuition cost with Tute

School-led Tuition

15% extra funding available for summer school provision. Pay for your tuition with the grant received from the DfE

Registration for our NTP summer school is open now!

Recommended by 600+ education settings

Simon Bush, Headteacher at the The Green Way Academy tells us why they have partnered up with Tute for the second year of the National Tutoring Programme.

How to access your NTP funding? It's easy

Introduce yourself

Tell us a bit more about what you and your learners needs

Meet our team

A member of Team Tute will contact you within 24 hours

Book tuition

Our qualified teachers are ready to start supporting your students.

What does a Tute lesson look like?

Tute’s award-winning, custom-built virtual environment, the Learning Cloud, is specifically for teaching and learning.
The small-group nature, collaboration, environment, interactivity, and expertise of our teachers all create an opportunity for students to thrive, to build confidence, and to make progress.
Students can access their Tute lessons from any location.