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Absent today, learning tomorrow

Norfolk Schools are turning to Tute to put alternative provision in place within 48 hours

For over 11 years, Tute’s Virtual School has been revolutionising alternative provision for schools, local authorities and non-mainstream settings. 

A growing number of Norfolk schools are now overcoming local capacity challenges by taking alternative provision needs into their own hands, using Tute to provide quick and reliable provision for students in KS1-4.  

Our differentiated Virtual School programmes are mapped to the national curriculum and delivered by qualified teachers, meeting your statutory obligation has never been easier.

Experience the convenience and effectiveness of Tute’s Virtual School in meeting your educational responsibilities and commission with confidence knowing Tute is an approved provider to Norfolk County Council and due diligence has already been done. 

How we helped 67 students successfully re-engage with learning, at Thorpe St Andrew School, in Norfolk

An ambitious school, had students with significant attendance concerns and was looking for a way to re-engage these students with learning again, with the end goal of reintegrating them back into their mainstream environment. 

We worked alongside the school to offer a phased reintegration strategy, that supported students’ transition from home learning to their ‘quiet school’ and then back into the classroom.

Each student in the programme was also allocated a key worker who
supported them with managing their time, liaised with their parents, and reviewed the provision fortnightly to ensure students were keeping on track.

We successfully helped these students re-integrate back into their mainstream environment. For those who needed long-term alternative provision, Tute Courses were used for a more robust, long-term curriculum programme, enabling them to continue learning outside of their setting.

“My summer was “made up” when we received letters of thanks from the parents of students who worked with Tute (in one case for the entire project) and who now have qualifications which mean that they can move on to their next steps. Now we start again!”

Greg Dewar, Assistant Principal

How Thorpe St Andrew students rated Tute's Virtual School


of students said they enjoy learning with Tute’s Virtual School


of students said they made progress in their lessons


of students feel more confident in their subjects


of students felt that Tute teacher feedback in their lessons helped them to learn

4 steps to get your students learning within 48 hours

Step 1

View Virtual School timetables, choose the subjects and levels

Step 2

Complete the online booking form

Step 3

Receive student login details promptly

Step 4

Students access their customised online timetable

Students will be enrolled within 48 hours and teachers will be sent their own logins to access student programmes. Then you can access your students’ progress, engagement, and attendance from the dedicated teacher portal.

How much does it cost?

Tute Virtual School costs just £12 per student, per lesson with a selection of up to 22 lessons available per week in differentiated programmes, across core subjects including…

High-quality AP by qualified teachers

Tute’s lessons are delivered live in our online classroom, The Learning Cloud. Students access their lessons via their personalised timetable in their platform portal or their app.

Our platform and Learning Cloud are purpose-built for teaching and learning, ensuring optimal learner engagement. Our teachers undergo extensive technical preparation along with training in online pedagogy, student engagement techniques, and special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).

Under the leadership of Tute’s assistant head of T&L, our curriculum leaders craft meaningful, differentiated schemes of learning that meet the objectives of the national curriculum. Students learn in a way that meets their needs and on a par with their peers.

Live online lessons
in Tute’s learning Cloud

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Qualified, DBS

Screenshot 2023-07-26 at 12.00 1

Attendance dashboard (qualified for Code B attendance)

Screenshot 2023-07-26 at 12.01 1

Scheme of learning mapped to the national curriculum

Progress and engagement tracked in each lesson

Screenshot 2023-07-26 at 12.07 1

Suggestions for progress provided to enhance learning

Screenshot 2023-07-26 at 12.08 1

Playback of lessons

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Half-termly review

Explore our timetables

Students can join our VS timetable at any point during a half term and can be enrolled on any combination of subjects and programmes.

No planning input is required from settings; you just select from differentiated programmes to build a comprehensive timetable.

Track progress, engagement, and attendance with ease

A link teacher will have access to their own portal in Tute’s platform to view student information.

After every lesson, Tute teachers assess student progress and engagement in the platform against the scheme of learning objectives. They also provide a suggestion for the student’s progress.

Attendance is tracked in each lesson. If a student has not attended within 5 minutes, designated contacts (including parents if you wish) receive an email notification.

The link teacher can conveniently access comprehensive and summarized information through the platform, with the option to download reports for seamless sharing with others.

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