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Kate McCombe

Head of Engagement

The need for alternative provision

Tute has seen a rapid rise this year in the number of customers using our lessons to provide alternative provision for their students.

Anyone working with students who are struggling to engage with education will understand the importance of early intervention and the need for a swift response to delivering an alternative for children who are unable to attend school. Our customers tell us though that referring to locally available solutions often takes time their students can’t afford to lose. Procedures can be lengthy, and provision is frequently over-subscribed. 

Tute is helping to overcome those issues of capacity and time. The doors to our shared provision offering are always open and we deliver the advantage of enrolment within 24-48hrs of your referral being made. Our new platform allows customers complete visibility of attendance, progress, and engagement reporting so students off-site can be easily tracked when using Tute as your AP.  

We are also increasing local capacity and helping to meet the holistic needs of students through our partnerships with AP settings. By nature, many AP settings are much smaller than mainstream schools which can restrict the breadth of curriculum and teaching expertise available to students. When Tute is used in AP settings, our lessons can complement and enhance available face-to-face provision and present opportunities for students that would not normally be available to them. 

Visit our Alternative Provision page to see how Tute is being used AS alternative provision and IN alternative provision settings. https://tute.com/alternative-provision/

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