National Tutoring Programme

Quality online tuition with qualified teachers, from key stage 1 to key stage 4

Funding only available until August 2024

Tute has always done what the National Tutoring Programme (NTP) is designed to provide: high-quality online tutoring to fill gaps in learning.

For the academic year 2023/24, the National Tutoring Programme funding can be used to subsidise 50% of the total cost incurred by your school to deliver tutoring for any student.

KS1 (4)

Why Tute?

We are a passionate team of teachers and professionals who put the student at the centre of everything we do.

We understand the unique challenges your school faces, and that’s why we closely collaborate with you to build targeted learning programmes tailored to your students’ needs, that align to your school’s schedule and accommodates flexibility.

Book now - funding is only available until August 2024

Trust Tute to build student confidence and improve outcomes

Add capacity and improve outcomes​

Evidence shows that just 15 hours of targeted tuition can advance student progress by 4 months. Our impact and evaluation research tells us that Tute tuition is effective with 96% of students reporting that they have made progress.

Meet Riley, a year 6 student at New Pasture Lane Primary, who believes accessing Tute’s tuition through the NTP has helped him make progress in maths.

Virtual Environment

High-quality, live lessons in Tute's safeguarded, purpose-built online classroom

Real Teachers

All teachers are fully qualified, experienced, and passionate about supporting students

Real Outcomes

Our targeted tuition helps students grow in confidence and achieve measurable outcomes

Trusted by 800+
education settings

Simon Bush, Headteacher at the The Green Way Academy tells us why they partnered with Tute for multiple phases of the National Tutoring Programme.

Learn how Tute supports 100s of schools as a Tuition Partner

Our NTP partners’ success stories speak for themselves! 

What does a Tute lesson look like?

Tute’s award-winning, purpose-built online classroom, the Learning Cloud, is specifically for teaching and learning.
The small-group nature, collaboration, environment, interactivity, and expertise of our teachers all create an opportunity for students to thrive, to build confidence, and to make progress.
Students can access their Tute lessons from any location.

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