Filling gaps in learning for speakers of other languages

Explore the capacity for online English language learning to improve outcomes for displaced people of all ages

While college places may be full this time of year, many individuals and families are arriving in the UK with an immediate need to acquire language skills and cultural knowledge that will enable them to settle into a new society 

Hosted by Tute’s Lead ESOL Teacher and Assistant Head of Teaching and Learning, our 30-minute webinar explored how online learning provides immediate support for displaced individuals of all ages, offering essential English language learning and cultural knowledge.

Our guest panellist, a dedicated PEP officer with UASC specialism from Wokingham Virtual School, shared how they’re able to provide quality, cost-effective English language learning for their newly arrived students.

Tute ESOL Webinar

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A school

with students who need ESOL support, so that they can continue their studies, but don't have the internal capacity or in-house specialist teachers

A local authority

in need of immediate additional capacity when college places are over-subscribed or new arrivals have no permanent residence

A college

seeking a creative approach to increase capacity and reach more children, young people and adults

In this session, we covered:

Hosted by...

Penny Lynch

ESOL Lead Teacher at Tute

Becky Clark

Assistant Head of Teaching and Learning: Curriculum at Tute

Joined by guest panellists...

Jessica McGinley

PEP officer with UASC specialism at Wokingham Virtual School

What Tute does is simple -
What we achieve is incredible

We want to create a world where online learning enables any child, anywhere to fulfil their potential.

Our qualified, experienced teachers deliver live online lessons to fill gaps in the education of children and young people.

Those gaps have never been wider and Tute’s purpose never more fitting.

Our solution is to package our lessons into different curriculums that provide flexibility, suit different priorities, and work for varying budgets. You can be sure to find a solution that meets your needs and your students, whatever their circumstances.

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