Key Stage 5

Our curriculum at KS5 allows students to pursue their personal passions for learning and prepares them to progress to ambitious destinations

Students are supported to develop a great depth of knowledge and understanding of their chosen AS, A level, or vocational subjects and further develop as independent learners in preparation for entering higher education or employment.


Built in partnership with schools, LAs, and NMs, the Tute curriculum has been shaped to meet the needs of their students (as well as their budgets and priorities).


Tute's curriculum is delivered either as a shared or a private provision by fully qualified teachers. Our product range and timetables offer flexibility that makes our curriculum work for you.


Progress and engagement is tracked in each lesson and updated live in our Tute platform. Our impact and evaluation manager monitors students' outcomes and experience to assess impact.

Our Key Stage 5 curriculum promise

Our Key Stage 5 curriculum is delivered by teachers with QTS, all experts in their chosen field and phase of education. Using a range of methods, our teachers draw out conclusions about every student’s performance, level of skill and development of knowledge in every lesson. A choice of KS5 curriculum pathways accommodate short and long-term requirements for provision and routes to achieving qualifications at AS and A levels, enabling you to make the best choice for your students based on individual needs.
Becky Clark
Assistant Head of Teaching and Learning and Curriculum

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Long-term provision

Qualification in a choice of subjects at Level 1 and 2, GCSE, AS and A Level. Tute teachers deliver the specification in one or two years and act as the student’s main, if not only, source of education for that subject.
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Long-term provision

Targeted programmes built from Tute’s comprehensive curriculum library that create tailored schemes of learning.  

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