Quality assured by the DfE, Tute is your trusted online teaching partner

Contractor Teacher FAQs

What Tute does is simple: our team of qualified teachers deliver live lessons that fill gaps in the education of children an young people across England and Wales.  

Our lessons are delivered in our online classroom, The Learning Cloud, which is a part of the overall platform that we have built to provide outstanding provision and service.  

We have taken our live lessons and packaged them into different products and services that meet the needs and priorities of our schools, LAs, and non-mainstream settings as they try to deliver the best outcomes for their students.  

Based on the availability you provide and with your agreement, we schedule lessons into your online timetable that sits in our platform. Those lessons could be ones that you plan but, more often than not, they are ones that our expert team has already created.  

You work from home and deliver as many lessons as you want/can and you invoice us each month for what you have delivered based on our pay which is dependent on the type of product the lessons fall into (some pay more, some pay less).  

Our teaching and operations team are always on hand to help and will support you from a practical and quality perspective.  

All ages in primary, secondary and post-16!  

Key stage 1 – key stage 5  |  Years 1 – 13  |  Age 5 – 18 

Our customers mainly ask for English, maths, and science but we deliver all curriculum subject that can be taught online (so PE is a no!).  

See here.  

Teachers choose to work with us for many reasons, some listed below: 

  • No longer happy working in a school but want to stay in teaching and making a difference to students’ lives  
  • Topping up income, whether full or part-time  
  • Retired and want to stay in the profession  
  • Want the flexibility of working around their availability  

The amount we pay varies based on the product the lesson delivers falls into. You will be paid £22 per Tute lesson, naturally based on the level of work involved. All teachers are paid the same, regardless of experience.  

We pay per lesson, which lasts 45 minutes.  

You can deliver as many as you want, subject to availability, so long as quality of delivery is not affected. We think that about 20 per week is enough.  

If you only want to deliver 2, then that’s fine too!  

You must have a degree and hold QTS.  

We ask that you have classroom experience, ideally of three years but teachers who have taught for less than that can thrive, so it depends on how you connect with the online classroom.  

If you have online experience, great, but don’t worry if not – we provide a fantastic training package.  

Probably not! We know that online teaching during the pandemic was tough. Teaching with Tute isn’t like that.  

  • We have been doing this for 10 years and have delivered 150,00 lessons. It is our profession.
  • We have refined an online pedagogy that we know works. 
  • We have planned thousands of our own resources, based on the national curriculum, created to work online.
  • We have built our own platform for teaching and learning, not a meeting application with a few “education” features. 
  • We train our teachers to deliver online and support them to enable progress.  

Students access lessons with Tute for many different reasons. They may need…  

  • Alternative provision because they have been excluded from school 
  • A different way of engaging with education because of anxiety 
  • GCSE or A level qualifications in a subject that their school can’t offer without us
  • Revision programmes to prepare them for exams
  • Intervention packages such as tuition to catch up and keep up
  • Extension and enrichment support for subjects in which they excel    


Tute follows a safer recruitment process as set out in Part 3 of Keeping Children Safe in Education (2022). Every member of our team is subject to this process.  

  1. Application form (we do not accept CVs!) 
  2. Recorded interview on MS Teams  
  3. Pedagogy and platform training  
  4. Lesson delivery in Tute’s Learning Cloud  
  5. Checks including Enhanced DBS barred list check   

We are often praised for our thorough induction, supportive induction process. Every teacher receives rigorous training before teaching with Tute. It includes safeguarding, teaching and learning, admin, and more. It will equip you with everything you need to become a successful Tute teacher.   

In addition to the induction training, Tute provides ongoing support and training delivered by its own team who, after 150,000 lessons delivered are experts in online T&L!  

Tute’s Head of and Learning leads a team that is dedicated to monitoring and improving the quality of what we deliver. Lessons are observed (usually not live), progress tracking is assessed, and feedback is given that supports the teacher to improve and to continue to do what they do well.  

Whilst you would be a contractor and not an employed member of staff, Tute makes sure you feel welcome and are a part of the team. We do this through good communication, collecting your feedback, listening to you, and being a great bunch of people of work with!  

Usually, Tute will make available a resource ready for each lesson you are scheduled to teach. Sometimes, you will need to edit this resource to suit your students’ progress, or you will create it from scratch – it depends on the product the lesson falls into.  

You will deliver the lesson in our Learning Cloud, adopting Tute’s pedagogy approach and using the fantastic, interactive features available to engage your groups.  

After each lesson, you will assess the students’ progress following our quick and easy process.  

Usually, no. But, in some products, namely GCSE and A level courses, we set assignments that will need to be assessed and feedback provided. You do get paid more for delivering this type of product.   

Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility at Tute. We create and contribute to a culture of safeguarding.  

Our training, policies, and procedures will support you to safeguard our students.