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Is all online learning the same?

Short answer: NO!

Longer answer: Online learning is an umbrella term used to describe any form of learning that has a web-based element.  This means online learning can take many forms; distance learning that utilises static, resources and online documents to facilitate independent home-based learning (e.g. Moodle or work set in Google); non-interactive, asynchronous, pre-recorded online lessons; live synchronous, teacher-led conferences such as those facilitated by Microsoft Teams or Zoom; and, finally, those that utilise their own interactive mobile learning cloud platforms to embody more recognisable live lesson features, such as interactive whiteboards and pupil features such as polling, chatboxes, emojis and hands up functions.

Tute is just this: fully synchronous live lessons utilising an interactive learning cloud platform to provide teacher led online learning of the highest quality. Unlike other modes of distance learning or e-learning, Tute provides live lessons delivered online by a fully qualified teacher via a mobile learning cloud platform.  Mobile Cloud Learning is defined as:

‘a blend of mobile learning and cloud computing which ensures convenient and interactive learning experience without limitations regarding location, time and accessibility (Hirsch and Ng 2011; Dinh et al. 2011).’

(Sultana, 2020, p.223).

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