Welcome to Social Education.
Welcome to Tute.

Our purpose is to make the best teaching available
to all, irrespective of location or background.

Welcome to Social Education.
Welcome to Tute.

Real teachers providing real results.


Why we exist


Tute believes great teaching should be accessible to all. We make this happen by delivering small group lessons online, meaning that the costs can be shared. This makes Tute affordable for everyone – we call this Social education.

Download our PDF version here The Tute Creed

Tute believes that it can play a greater part in helping schools and colleges to federate, and to bring new efficiencies to teaching and learning. Here is a report on how we can help foster improved collaboration.

Collaborative learning

Our social education platform

We deliver interactive, engaging lessons to help students achieve more from their learning. Tute lessons are available both within and outside school, either for small groups or individually.

Between lessons, pupils continue to engage within their virtual class using advanced tools which allow them to collaborate further, and to communicate with peers. This encourages independent learning, and improves attainment.

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How it works

Teachers do not create learning, learners create learning. Teachers create the conditions in which students learn.

Tute, together with its partner Learnium, have created a social education platform which puts learners at the centre.

Here’s how we deliver outstanding teaching and learning.

We’re growing fast!


Group lessons purchased
Pupil places delivered
Primary and secondary schools active
Subjects taught from KS2 through KS5

"I think that it is really beneficial and enables us to develop our learning greatly. I think that others would benefit too as it is interactive so that you can ask questions and progress based upon the answers you receive."

− Year 11, Argoed High School

"It helps me a lot with English because in Primary I was really struggling with my English and had low marks on tests and stuff like that. It helps you with a lot with English."

− Year 7, The Maelor School

"I would recommend Tute to other people because it is a fun exciting way to learn "

− Year 11, St Mary's

"It is brilliant because Andrea teaches us nicely and helps us understand exactly what we are doing in the lessons. It has helped me to become smarter and more confident in my Tute lessons."

− Year 6, Ark Tindal Primary School

"It’s fun! You learn lots and are always helped through your mistakes and taught how to improve your level of ability and learning skills, especially Ifan with his sayings easy peasy squeezy lemon! Haha! It’s great!"

− Year 11, Crewe YMCA