Welcome to Social Education.
Welcome to Tute.

Our purpose is to make available the best teaching
to all, irrespective of location or background.

Why We Exist

Three quarters of parents cannot afford a tutor, despite its proven benefits. This means that the attainment gap between those who can pay and those who cannot is growing. This is unfair.

Tute believes great teaching should be accessible to all. We make this happen by delivering small group lessons online, meaning that the cost can be shared. Our live lessons are available from just £10 per student, making Tute affordable for everyone. We call this Social Education.

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Improving Attainment

Teaching and learning are the focus of everything that we do.

Tute allows pupils to access learning that is targeted to their needs. Pupils find that, despite learning with peers of similar ability, their experience is more personal as the online platform immerses pupils in learning that has been planned and delivered with their specific needs in mind. As a consequence, learners are engaged in challenging, focused activities which allow for excellent progression.

This ensures that our delivery is transparent and measurable.

Our Results

Our Education Platform

We deliver interactive, engaging lessons to help students achieve more from their learning. Tute lessons are available both within and outside school, either for small groups or individually.

Tute lessons are available both before, during and after school, for small groups or for individuals.

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Our Partners

Tute has a number of partners to help us to achieve our vision:

Tute is the only Social Education partner recommended by BT
Tute works with YHGfL to deliver our intervention services across North East England
Tute works with Shireland Collegiate Academy to deliver best practice online teaching, and to prove the value of our services through empiric data
Tute works with the Foundation on key programmes to close the digital divide, and to help overcome the attainment gap for deprived children

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We’re Growing Fast!

Group lessons purchased
Pupil places delivered
Primary and secondary schools active
Subjects taught from KS2 through KS5


"I arranged for some of our YHGfL Advocate Schools to trial some lessons and the results were very impressive. The pupils thrived on the one to one attention and personalised learning methods"

− Clare Askew, Head of Learning Services, YHGfL Foundation

"From the beginning we were met with a very professional organisation, always willing to help and make everything run smoothly. The children from New Pasture Lane thoroughly enjoyed the Tute experience, thriving on the lessons and feedback.

Overall, the Level 6 courses added capacity to our school, helping us to maintain our L6 results, especially in Numeracy."

− Martin Coleman, Assistant Headteacher, New Pasture Land School, Bridlington

"A great alternative maths intervention. Great progress made in just 6 weeks! Superb and efficient communication and professional assistance from all at Tute."

− Claire Round, Director of Inclusive Practice, Myton School, Warwick.